Data Driven Versus Anecdotal Evidence in Social Media/ROI Issues

Another argument for Social Media education.

Data driven research is objective, scientific, and is best learned via
academics. Anecdotal documentation is subjective, useless when trying to nail
down conclusions, and often offered by those opposed to formal erudition in SM.
If we are ever to offer proof of desirable ROI in SM, it will be necessary to
approach it from multi-disciplinary schooling, including studies not only of business
administration courses, e.g. marketing, accounting, economics, etc., as well as
technical teaching, i.e. XHTML, XML, digital design, and so forth, but also
sociology, psychology, cultural anthropology, technical communications and the
like. We must understand these subjects as taught professionally in order to
offer irrefutable comprehension. By taking a structured learning avenue,
optimization of the bottom line will be made plain.

Consider that when it comes to other careers we won’t
hesitate to require a relevant degree; programming, network management and
security, Web design, all  are consideredjobs wherein the candidate has tracked an adept training program. Yet we drag our heels at the thought of getting a specialized degree in SM as a parameter for employment. Too much is at stake for enterprise to expect less.


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