Social Media’s POV

A Google search for POV reveals over twenty two million results. Here it is referred to as Point Of View, often used in filmmaking as a POV shot, or subjective camera. It is when the audience is shown what a particular character is looking at. This begs the question, what is the POV of Social Media? The answer is as varied as there are participants. Some are using Social Media as a business enabler. Some simply as a method of staying in touch with friends and family. Still others use it as platform to give voice to whatever issues they find momentous. Eric Fulwiler, in his Social Media Today posting titled, “The Breakfast of Social Media Champions,” states that content, conversation, and sharing are important in any Social Media engagement.

But what is the overarching POV of Social Media? Perhaps it is simply the art of communication in the digital age. A perusal of Facebook reveals a staggering number of corporate entities hoping for members to “Like” them. Twitter is flush with company reps and individuals looking to be followed.  LinkedIn, a professional Social Media site, narrows its POV to those wishing to connect and increase their networking capabilities. MySpace has become the domain of the younger set as well as popular music.

One has to wonder what the future of Social Media will be. I once asked of my Communications professor if Social Media would become a new form of correspondence and conversation. While he stated the negative, I now must wonder. Certainly with the millions of users across the globe, it is making its mark. I would therefore postulate that Social Media’s POV is communion, and that it will continue to entrench itself into society as the latest form of communication media.


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