The gap between liberal arts and technology

Ordinarily in this blog I evangelize about social media. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking with my friend and original mentor, Dr. David Brown, educator and investigator into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence. I had the privilege of being David’s student many years ago, and he set me upon my path of understanding about computers. We talked of his other colleagues, i.e. educators, that are reticent to embrace social media as a viable tool. From his experience, he states that there are some within academia who view social media as sophmoric and pedantic. This led me to understand that there has forever been a chasm between the devotee’s of liberal arts and those whose lives are dedicated to the study of technology. It is my belief that social media is bridging that gap. A modicum of technical understanding is needed to access the WWW, and yet a need to express oneself in a way that can be understood requires an awareness of how to communicate effectively, particularly with the written word. The Internet is changing our world in many ways. Not only are geographic limitations evaporating, but also the barriers of understanding that obstruct our common knowledge base. Shari Weiss, noted social media blogger, marketer, and professor, has indicated that social media usage now exceeds pornography on the Internet. Perhaps this embracing of articulation will inspire a universal society, something we as a species have long required. Let us hope this is so.


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