The Importance of Staying Connected With Our Social Media Contacts

I’ve recently had the pleasure of dialoging with Patricia Nixon, a Social Media strategist and proprietor of Nixon Virtual Strategies from the greater New York City area. We are both members of the Social Media Marketing group on LinkedIn. Patricia is a highly skilled and very knowledgeable professional. She happened to mention in one of her posts about the importance of staying in touch with those of our digital friends. I took her advice to heart, and sent out greetings to each of my connections. I didn’t really think at the time that anything would come of it; in fact, I worried that I might actually be bothering people by doing so. And yet the next day my mailbox was filled with responses thanking me! It was amazing. Such a simple thing to do and yet so highly appreciated.

I was recently asked by a fellow student what are some good strategies for gaining recognition and networking opportunities. I have found few better than this. It is easy to forget that those we speak with across the many Social Media sites are human beings, not just another site on the Web. If I have learned anything in my studies of Social Media, it is the importance of developing relationships with others. This is of paramount importance when these pursuits are of a professional nature. Let us strive to remember the mortal and personal implications of engaging. We are all vulnerable.


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