The Rise of Techno-Business

Isn’t it interesting what wonderful things the Internet has wrought? Today we can shop, sell, travel, attend class, work, and stay in touch with far away family and friends, all from the comfort of home. But what of the marriage of science and business? Strange bedfellows, to be sure. Yet that is something else the Internet has borne: the essence of techno-business. The two subjects would seemingly be diametrically opposed, and yet it is a match made in heaven. The blending of computer science and industrial salesmanship. No longer is it enough to be a good merchandiser, for todays effective marketer must also know about methodical study. True enough, a business education does include a fair amount of material world erudition, but today we must know how to optimize search engines, how to log-on to the World Wide Web and navigate it’s vast domain, have a familiarity with Web design and development, and how to apply that technical understanding to a corporate cosmos. In short, we must interfuse experimental savvy with economic meiter – techno-business.

Two of my professors/mentors/good friends, Mark Schaefer and Shari Weiss (each of which was kind enough to allow me to re-post their expertly authored blogs here recently), are marketing professionals who also teach Social Media Marketing at the post-secondary levels of academia. Both have sound understanding of the systematic and objective, and both are adepts at the art of the deal. These two stand at the bleeding edge of the future of advertising and commerce. I myself am only a lowly student at this juncture, though I know am within the body of a vanguard of tomorrow’s skilled business people.

The future of commerce is in Social Media, and only by a sound grasp and understanding of the theory of techno-business will those of us that strive for achievement in this fledgling field succeed.


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