The Super Bowl – Marketing’s answer to the Cannes Film Festival

Each year, advertisers try to out-do past performers during commercial breaks of what is arguably America’s biggest sporting event, The Super Bowl. This one was no different. Some of the best of media merchandising was to be seen at the 44th annual championship. While my own vote (which, along with $4.37, will get you coffee at the local Starbucks) was for Dorito’s (see the ad on this site by clicking on “Viral Videos“). And given that costs for product evangelism during broadcast were a hefty (almost) $100,000.00, well, one might expect excellence. If you missed your chance to see all the fun, or you just want to cast a glimpse of your own faves, not to worry, many Social Media Sites are posting them from last night’s game as well as others in the past.

I would add as an aside that half-time entertainers always seem to achieve an increase in sales and market visibility. It was really grand to see The Who (with Zak Starkey, son of Richard Starkey, a.k.a. Ringo Starr, still with the band since the early ’90’s!) on stage, and hope for them all the success life can provide them. But maybe I’m just getting older… candid shots of Pete Townsend’s belly just were’nt quite as titilating as was Janet Jackson’s flash at Super Bowl XXXVIII. 😉


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