What kind of “Netizen” are you?

In the real world, most of us strive to be good citizens. But what about in the virtual world? It would seem that the anonymity offered by the Internet leads some to be less than honest. This, while perfectly legal in most cases, is a travesty nonetheless. Too often unsrcupulous individuals use the anonymity of the ‘Net to hide their true agendas, lying in wait for innocents so that they may take advantage of them.

The very term “professional” connotes one who is acknowledged, adept, and competent. While there are no hard and fast rules that professionals must adhere to, ethical behavior is usually presumed.

For those of us active in social media, it should be requisite for one and all to conduct themselves in a true proficient and conscientious manner, whether for personal or business reasons. And what are these parameters? Obviously, not using all caps when posting, avoiding offensive material in e-mail, avoidance of personal usage of company resources, i.e. sending personal correspondence, visiting non-business related Web sites, etc. But one in particular is in the reading of blogs, specifically not posting comments. For those of us that blog, we appreciate when we get feedback. So often an excuse is used: “Well, I read it.” That is not enough.

As we move boldly into this brave new world of social media, let us each strive to be true professionals in our conduct, lest our reputations be sullied by our actions, or lack thereof.


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