The Social Media Entertainment Series – Hulu

This is a series on Social Media entertainment sites.

Site:   Business model: Advertising and subscription

I’m a big fan of television programming. Having been around since the ’50’s, I watched it religiously as a child. I’ve seen it grow. From black and white to color, cable, even HD/digital. And now, I can view it on the Web.

Hulu carries some of the best of TV. Standard access allows for the latest episodes of popular shows, and Hulu Plus, the premium upgrade, allows one to see entire seasons. Having not yet been able to subscribe, I do not know if the membership allows for commercial-free viewing.

One interesting thing about Hulu’s advertising is that they give participants the opportunity to give input as to how advertising is presented. AdTailor gives the viewer the chance to decide whether the commercial is relevant to them or not. Such data is recorded, presumably when logged in, and only customized ads are shown afterwards. Being the techie I am, I opt for those type of promulgations. Another choice sometimes given watchers is to see two to three minutes of announcements prior to the show as opposed to having the program broken up. I find this innovative. Combined with the ability to time-shift entertainment, it is unbeatable.

In addition to time-honored programming, Hulu also offers Webcasts, movies, and other compelling shows. Informational, news, sports, automotive, business, and even video games can be tried. A search feature is provided, and headings of channels, most popular, recently added, collections, trailers, and spotlight can be found. Site visitors can read and write reviews, as well as watch previews of coming attractions.

For those of us who enjoy television programming, Hulu is a great alternative to the traditional idiot box. With the advent of processor-controlled TV, cable companies could find themselves a new competitor, though no doubt it will be some time before audiences take up this contemporary and ingenious line-up.


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