Social Media – It’s Not For Everyone

I have a family member who graduated with a BS in Computer Science. That was almost two years ago. He has attended a few interviews, without success. I tried to interest him in marketing himself on LinkedIn. Not only did I fail to do so, I alienated him to the point of disallowing any discussion in his presence about Social Media.

It is easy for those of us involved in the industry to be excited about the daily changes happening. Yet not everyone is engaged, nor are they likely to be anytime in the foreseeable future. The key to SM is being social, and this doesn’t apply to the whole of humanity.

I must admit that SM has opened many doors for me, and I hope for a bright future as a result. But that is me. Some folks are comfortable without ever knowing what is taking place on Facebook.

This may come as somewhat of a mystery to those of us who are realizing accomplishment and achievement from the comfort of our various hardware and software technologies. The simple fact is that many people and companies are happy in their own little corners of the world. Best perhaps to let them be.


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