The Social Media Entertainment Series – ESPN

Site:   Business model: Advertising and subscription

ESPN is synonymous with sports. The Entertainment Sports Programing Network went on the air in 1979, dubbing themselves “The Worldwide Leader in Sports.” A 720p high definition simulcast, ESPNHD, was launched in the spring of 2003. ESPN The Magazine is also published in hard copy. Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York each have specific Websites. In addition, ESPN Radio is also broadcast.

The site is customizable for fans who register, giving the opportunity to access content relevant to their individual tastes. Insider, an expanded subject matter edition, is available for monthly, 1 and 2 year subscriptions. The yearly supplements include the magazine delivered to subscribers homes monthly.

Fantasy sports leagues, commentaries, and forums are among the highlights. Videos are accessible. A sister (brother?) site,, broadcasts live events over the Web. Scores and updates are posted in real time. The locus is also published for Latino (Deportes), Asian, Australian, Brazillian, and UK peoples. Columns are maintained by station celebrities. Users can post comments, which, given the rabid nature of afficionados, tend to escalate in short order. Contests, which are supported by advertisers, give visitors the opportunity to win cash and prizes. An online store offers player, team, and sports products, the perfect gifts for supporters. Gift certificates and cards are at one’s disposal. ESPN gear can also be purchased.

To complete the experience, a Facebook social plug-in is provided to keep followers abreast of undertakings. Also, tickets and video games can be accessed.

It is easy to imagine that sports enthusiasts can spend hours on the site being engrossed and captivated. It is a zealots paradise.


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