The Ever Changing Landscape of the Internet

About a year ago, I took a mini-class offered at my school titled “Social Media Marketing.” A fellow student happened to ask the teacher, “Will there ever be a position for a Social Media manager?” The instructor gave him his patented how-long-must-I-continue-to-suffer-these-fools look, and said, “No. Social Media will always be under the purview of the marketing department.” At the time of this writing, a Google search reveals over 47 million results for Social Media manager.

An expansion of Moore’s law shows that all of technology, and especially the Internet, is changing at breakneck pace. It is virtually impossible to predict what new ground will be broken. At present, Social Media is the hot item. Web 2.0 is currently being touted, with Web 3.0, or the semantic Web, looming on the horizon. 4G mobile technology, which, according to Jeff Kagan, e-Commerce Times, is as of yet a fantasy, is being marketed as the next best thing to sliced bread.

The truth of the matter is that we cannot know what will or will not be in the coming months, much less years. Without question we are headed straight for the technological singularity, which, depending on with whom you speak, will be the savior or the ultimate downfall of mankind. Being an optimist, I prefer to believe it will work in our favor, a superintelligence friendly and benevolent, bringing us into a new era where poverty, hunger, and need will become distant memories. At least, I can hope, for there is no crystal ball to tell us.


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