So, Who Is This Grannelle Dude?

I think the time has come to answer this question, though it will be no easy task. I’ll start by saying that Grannelle isn’t a dude, but rather two of them. And a chick. Together, we have formed a group that focuses on the three primary concerns of small digital business; networking assuredness and forensics, Web design/development/optimization, and eCommerce/Social Media/eMedia marketing.

Grannelle – It ain’t no slacker organization!

The confederation began over a year ago (at the time of this writing), when 3 college students, Annelle (my wife), Rusty (my son, Nelle’s stepson), and myself found ourselves gravitating to Nelle’s and my apartment to study on weekends. While each has an understanding of all 3 parameters, we all found ourselves focusing on specific Web-related industry disciplines:

  • Rusty: technical
  • Nelle: design
  • Myself: business

I considered this fact while avoiding doing my classwork by daydreaming. As if a proverbial light turned on in a dark room, I mentioned to the other two, “You guys want to start some kind of group to make money off of what we’re studying?” “Yeah, dad”, and
“Sure, sweetie” were the overwhelmingly enthusiastic responses I received. From these inauspicious beginnings, Grannelle was born.

Why the name?

G stands for Gregory, R for Rusty, and of course, Annelle.

What was the mission?

It occurred to me that by pooling our talents, we could offer the opportunity for small businesses to enjoy the benefits of shifting from a local market to global commerce. When looking to the innovators of Internet enterprise, it’s obvious that the most successful embarked on their projects not with the idea forefront in mind of making lot’s of money, but rather to assist others and make the world a little better place; that they got rich beyond the dreams of avarice along the way was bonus. Learning from history has it’s advantages, not the least of which is not having to repeat the mistakes of others that have gone before, as well as being able to follow a well demarcated trail. A simple rule of achieving success in business is to simply find a need and fill it. By being able to offer small startups the ability to accomplish everything needed to launch an eCommerce concern with minimal dealings with outside consultancies, it would be possible to fill this stated need, and do so in the most economic way we could think of.

At this juncture we are not fully up to speed. Each of us is still in school, and we have yet to gain our first contract. But we aren’t standing still. My own small efforts at brand recognition are underway with this blog, as well as involvement on Twitter and Facebook. In the days to come, we will explore the niche markets available locally, and one day offer our services to the world via the Infobahn.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to study and hone our crafts. Grannelle will maintain it’s current duties of presenting followers with up-to-date and relative content. And Rusty, Nelle, and I will have the satisfaction of knowing we are on the path to eCommerce accomplishment. Stay tuned for more!


About Grannelle

eMarketing Scholar
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2 Responses to So, Who Is This Grannelle Dude?

  1. you are wonderful, don’t forget, has a major network all in itself; .org doesn’t. I have another site too on .com and i just haven’t worked at it but it does get more hits.
    this is good. thanks.


    • Grannelle says:

      So very much appreciated, Butterfly. I think what a lot of people may not realize (yet) is that Purple’S Theory is THE premeire relationship blog on the Web. As Mike stated before, doing something different, providing content people can get no where else, is what causes distinction. You’ve gone a long way in doing that. Many thanks for sharing here.


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