You Know You’re Addicted To Social Media When…

You know you’re addicted to Social Media when…

Snorting Facebook

  • You refer to everyone as @so&so, even in verbal conversation.
  • You add extra thoughts/descriptions as #hashtags, even in verbal conversation.
  • Your first thoughts of meeting someone new are, can I connect with them on LinkedIn, friend them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter?
  • You feel the need to check-in with Foursquare even though you’re only stopping for gas.
  • You actually believe your Klout score means something.
  • You argue passionately that you’re only trying to communicate, not market or sell.
  • You feel they should have been more accurate in making the film “The Social Network”.
  • The only things you know about family and friends are what you read in your FB newsfeed.
  • You often use jargon such as “engage” and “transparency”.
  • You encourage others to “Like” your pet’s page.
  • Everything you post is tagged social-media.
  • You tweet your TwitterGrader score with pride.
  • You tweet your FoursquareGrader score with pride.
  • You get really angry when you lose your Foursquare status as mayor.
  • You take great pleasure in making someone else lose their Foursquare status as mayor.
  • The trilogy of your religion includes Guy Kawasaki, Brian Solis, Chris Brogan, and Seth Godin.
  • You proudly display badges you’ve earned everywhere you possibly can, even in verbal conversation.
  • TweetDeck is the first application you open when you start your computer.
  • You understand terms like MLM, SNS, SEM, and SMM.
  • You write a blog with the words “Social Media” included in the title.
  • You can add more items to this list.

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3 Responses to You Know You’re Addicted To Social Media When…

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  2. breannadrew says:

    Great post, I’m not sure I qualify as spending too much time on social media yet. I didn’t even know about the twitter grader (very cool btw) and my phone isn’t smart enough to use foursquare.


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