The Social Media Professionals Series – Consultancy, with Andrew David Baron

The Social Media Professionals Series is an informational and educational collection of reports on the sub-specialties of the Social Media vocation. Each weekly article is dedicated to a different aspect of the occupation, and features an associated thought-leader.

Concentration – Consultancy

Professional – Andrew David Baron

The Social Media consultant must wear many hats. Social Media strategist and blogger Chris Brogan advises using “relationships over shotguns” and “party hats, not bullhorns.” The need to provide clients not only with instruction on Social Media advocacy, but also SEO, PR, and marketing advisement is incumbent upon the successful consultant. Knowledge of relationship building, goodwill ambassadorialship, delivery of customer demands, and issue resolution are imperative.

Andrew David Baron, Social Media Consultant ( joins us to speak about his role of providing counsel and advocacy to clients.

GSM – How do you best define your practice in Social Media? What specifically do you do that is different, unique, and special in this wide ranging field?

Andrew – I am a versatile Social Media Consultant that consistently achieves a level of excellence beyond the expectations of my clients. I am uniquely qualified with asymmetrical solutions for clients based upon an incredibly diverse knowledge base and experience of various types of Internet Marketing. I emphatically understand my clients’ needs and wants because I listen. I’m incredibly apt for collaborative development and creation of new ideas for advertising, marketing, and search related campaigns that leap businesses ahead of their competition. Whether it’s from Business evolution to Internet technology, I’ll take it on and everything in between.

GSM – What do you consider the most currently pressing issue you are faced with in your everyday duties?

Andrew – I wouldn’t say, “pressing issue” as much as what’s next. I’ve been following trends and projecting what the next big thing will be and then the next big thing after that and so on and so forth. So far most of my predictions have been correct with regards to Social Media and Social Networking.

GSM – How do you approach your profession? What special techniques/procedures give you an edge?

Andrew – Completely different than most of my contemporaries; that’s for sure. I’m not the type of businessman that shows all his cards at once. The most important thing to note is that my client always comes first. No matter what.

GSM – What advice would you offer to others in your field of concentration or in Social Media generally?

Andrew – Start listening and caring about what people are actually saying. Engage more with your audience. Try once a week to contact someone in your network via phone and have a conversation with them. They will be impressed and grateful that you actually connected with them, thus making them an actual connection and not just another number on the shelf.

Grannelle’s Social Media would like to express our thanks and appreciation to Andrew for sharing his understanding about Social Media consultancy and participating in The Social Media Professionals Series.


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4 Responses to The Social Media Professionals Series – Consultancy, with Andrew David Baron

  1. Thanks for the interview! Extremely thorough and professionally done. You guys are top notch in your field and I am glad that we had the chance to communicate with each other.


  2. Thank you for this information about a new and emerging field! Very interesting to know how someone who is successfully with social media marketing is doing.


    • Grannelle says:

      Thanks Daniel! The purpose of this series is to let folks know about the many facets of Social Media, and what the pros are doing in them.


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