The Social Media Entertainment Series – Twitter

Site: Twitter  Revenue model: Promoted tweets

Oh, this is going to be addictive.
Dom Sagolla, Twitter co-creator

Twitter, the micro-blog SNS, is unique among Social Media channels. Limited to only 140 text-based characters per post, called “tweets”, users must communicate much in few words. Yet even with such circumspect restraint, the site enjoys a great deal of popularity, with an estimated 200 million users being reached in 2011 and a billion tweets being tweeted a week. Further approximations of 19 billion searches per month rival those of Yahoo! and Bing (Search Engine Land). Often described as an SMS, or short messaging service, it was produced in March of 2006 and launched in July of that year by Jack Dorsey, whose first post stated, “just setting up my twttr.” Consideration was in fact given to naming the site Twttr, similar to Flickr, but never carried through.

The service has been widely embraced, with celebrities, political leaders, and industry captains as well as mainstream users tweeting information about what is currently happening in real time. The result has been the ability to engage others in a way hitherto unknown, with those followed and those following; the former being a participants list of users for whom they are interested in knowing what is being posted, and the latter for others who are curious about what is being communicated by the contributor.

Huffpost Media has questioned whether Twitter is “The 21st Century News Source,” a sentiment which has been widely echoed across the Web. This strategy was enabled by changing the question asked of users from “What are you doing?” to “What’s happening” in November of 2009. Biz Stone, a co-founder of the company, further buttressed this concept by expressing his idea of Twitter as a wire-like news service, a concept termed the Twitter news network, in November 2010. This has been validated by actions of users during newsworthy events such as revolutions in strife-ridden countries such as Libya, Iran, and Egypt, where news blackouts were averted by updates posted during conflict.

The site is even being used in classrooms in an effort to boost student engagement; a video was uploaded to YouTube by the University of Minnesota describing use by attendants of Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis, and in March of 2010, Mashable posted a related article on this subject.

Twitter has produced some interesting effects throughout society, and promises to continue to be a source of entertainment and information for some time to come.


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4 Responses to The Social Media Entertainment Series – Twitter

  1. Mike10613 says:

    I clicked a link on my blog and it brought me here and then I clicked the link to the Huffpost. I didn’t know that people were following me on the Huffpost too! My page views have dropped since March but have levelled out and I now have subscribers and regular readers. I’m hoping to take photos later for my Neodigital Art but need to post a blog; I missed yesterday and if I miss more than a day – page views drop. The page views also drop if I miss publicising my blog. If you know a website that has comments and a lot of readers and is also devoted to social media; that information would be useful. I need to post comments on a site like that with a link back to my blog.

    Incidentally, I did read Leanna’s criticism of my blog (see the comments section). I also got another comment on my blog on the same day from an award winning writer who thinks it’s great; guess who I am taking notice of? I didn’t really criticise Leanna’s blog; it’s good to be opposed to the established view; but not for the sake of it. I think some standards are necessary in writing, particularly on the internet. If you want to emphasise – use the em tag! Not the bold tag! Your readers may like to try Windows Live Writer, I have just started using it and although it doesn’t do the ‘more’ tag – it’s great and much faster than posting the blog on-line. It does the h1 – h6 tags with no problem. I like to do satire on a Sunday; I’ll try to think of a subject while cook and eat lunch. I must do more cookery blog, People keep reading my soup recipe! 🙂


    • Grannelle says:

      Thanks Mike! As an aside, Mike, Leanna, and I are all members of the Journalism 65 Facebook group, moderated by Professor Shari Weiss.


  2. Thanks Greg for the Video about Twitter at school, It gives some solid arguments in favor of using new technologies rather than thinking Twitter is a “trap” : Please read my comment about a NYT Magazine article: “The Twitter Trap”


    • Grannelle says:

      Children today have much more than simple television – Social Media will play a great deal in their development. Being able to access sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc., will give them an edge in tomorrows leadership roles, provided they are guided correctly in SNS usage. As you so correctly point out, this is up to parents to set good examples. Thanks for commenting!


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