4 Responses to Commenting – Fulfillment Of The Social Engagement Contract

  1. Rhyolyn Eirenic says:

    Well, I’m late to the party but I agree. And I’m sharing this to my FB page…


  2. Mike10613 says:

    I have guests at Christmas and everyone is reluctant to be the first one to go to the buffet and get food! It’s the same with comments, they don’t like being first! I get a lot of readers to my blog because I comment and I do humorous comments. Someone had an anniversary on Facebook and I put ‘you don’t get that long for murder!’ I keep thinking I’ll Tweet similar comments but never get around to it. It’s safer to send comments to friends, but open for all to read. I used to send jokes to all my friends by email and that’s a good way of staying in touch. It is about staying in touch, even when you don’t have much to say. It is also about being polite and understanding people.


    • Grannelle says:

      Well said, Mike. BTW, I’m amazed that this post was published 2 minutes ago, and you already accessed it! As always, thanks for your support. Will try to get by your blog once I have a computer that actually works!


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