2 Responses to Bizarro World Social Media

  1. Mike10613 says:

    Nice examples. I purposely post silly things! I try to entertain through social media.


    • Grannelle says:

      I hear ya Mike. Sometimes a little comedy breaks the tension of intensity. However, in this particular instance, the comedy is lost within the intensity. The human ego is most fragile, and the perceived assault to it, at least where those currently employed in Social Media are concerned, committed by this article borders on the homicidal. No one wants to hear monikers such as “on-the-job trainees” when they are making 6, 7, 8, or even more, figures a year. At the very least, it is incongruous, and at the most, downright insulting. The idiom which states, “the truth hurts, but it’s still the truth,” gives way to that great equalizer, rationalization. Thus it is easier to point to heretics such as myself when words like these are encountered, and cry indignantly, “This is crap!” Unfortunately, hiding our heads in the sand does nothing to negate the fact that unless, and until, academic, as well as industrial, standards and practices are universally accepted in that great realm of Social Media, what is written here will continue to stand as a conviction of the present level of practice.


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