7 Responses to Why Do We Love Social Media?

  1. Stevie Smith says:

    All I know is i want some of them meds!


    • Doubtful, old man; they tend to depress one’s libido severely, as well as cause an eye-watering, high-pitched whine, not unlike that of a mosquito flying closely to the ear, and which makes one think this must be the noise heard by psychopaths just before picking up a blunt instrument and using it for murdering their families.


  2. too funny, thanks. I see social media continuing to roll for now because of the commitment that friends who have gone to the wall for one another, make. The fact that this virtual space creates so many emotions, even if fleeting, is the validation we all need.


  3. Nice. You have such a unique voice. I can’t wait to read what you write next.


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