2 Responses to How To (Critically) Read A Blog

  1. Excellent points, each and every one, Mike.

    Apologies for my absence; currently scrambling to finish a 5 year program in 1, which means little gets done other than school. In point of fact, I wrote this last summer, and posting it to keep my hand in. Jonesing for time to write, comment, post, etc., but there simply isn’t any. Oh well, at least in a year I’ll hopefully have a degree!


  2. Mike10613 says:

    Hi Greg,

    You have made good points. I read everything critically.

    Who is saying this?
    What experience and authority does the author have?
    Is this peer reviewed?
    Is the evidence from a reliable source?
    How plausible is the evidence?
    Is there evidence on both sides of the argument?
    Is the evidence couched in emotive language or objective language?
    Does this evidence apply in it’s exact context?
    is this evidence commonly used to support the type of argument it is being applied to?
    Am I judging this evidence in a manner that other would support?
    Am I applying undue scepticism to this evidence?

    I keep this list questions handy to remind me what questions to ask! 🙂


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