Use Of The Social Campaign In Career Advancement

There is no off position on the genius switch.
David Letterman

With many recruiters currently utilizing Social Media for talent pools, incorporating one’s social campaign (defined as the collective of an individual’s social graph (network), social stream (content), and SNS membership[s], the social profile) into career path efforts seems sensible. When the professional efforts expended in online communities are totaled, they can reflect an insightful picture of candidacy for employment and career advancement.

Obviously, one would want to avoid that content irrelevant to the job search, e.g. personal correspondence and participation in non-professional SM activities. Still, referencing an industry related blog, optimized LinkedIn profile, and appropriate Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ posts can be an original approach; helpful when the competition for desirable positions is ambitious. A robust social campaign could be the deciding factor, especially when defining skill sets and documenting experience. It is easy enough to simply state perspicacity, and something else altogether to provide tangible proof.

Use of personal Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ social streams would be counterproductive. Personal brand building should reflect one’s empiricism. Developing and maintaining SNS accounts, i.e. separate Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ profiles (Klout scores for these memberships should also be chronicled and included), for purely professional pursuits is therefore advised. Taking the application process to the next level by creating a multi-layered presentation, e.g. PowerPoint, with frames containing hyperlinks to said accounts may also be helpful.

Brand consistency should be maintained across the social campaign. Homogeneity of not only profile information, but constancy of substance and subject matter adherence are methodologies suggested additionally. The job candidate’s product is themselves. Therefore, developing product branding is an important consideration.

Transparency is also recommended. At some point misrepresentations will be obviated. Being adroit is a necessity in career advancement, but adulterating knowledge bases by distorting claimed abilities will invariably yield failure.

Engagement will ideally demonstrate preferable and worthwhile ability in team participation and leadership, command of subject apprehension, and willingness to collaborate with others in relevant interactions. The raison d’être of effort should be kept in mind when intercommunicating on SNS developed for social campaigns used for career advancement.

With contention for job opportunities at a premium, being able to distinguish oneself is beneficial and desirable. Use of the social campaign in career advancement may aid in differentiating and characterizing the successful candidate, especially when employed as an adjunct to demonstrated techniques in achieving vocational pursuits.


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