Coming soon!

Hello readers,

This is just a note to apologize for the lack of posts for a while. I’ve spent almost all of my time and energies for the past couple of years tightly focused on attempting to (finally) finish my undergrad degree. Sadly, this blog, as well as much of the bulk of the Grannelle social media campaign (e.g. Twitter), has suffered from neglect as a result.

However, I am happy to report that I’m finally close to doing having accomplished the Herculean task of matriculation. With a bit of luck, I’ll earn a BS in Marketing Management by the end of 2013. While my plans are to enter grad school (MBA in Internet Marketing) soon after, I also hope to once again start my blogging efforts at that time.

I wish to thank the occasional readers that have continued to stop by, and I look forward to publishing new content about the ever evolving fields of social media and other Web 2.0 technologies as they relate to professional marketing.

Stay tuned!


About Grannelle

eMarketing Scholar
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