The Right Choice (in Blogging Apps)

In today’s world, we love having choices. We also love our mobile apps, almost as much as the devices upon which we use them. Apps are important, after all. Perhaps even more important than sex.

Question marks

“Now wait a moment!” you exclaim out loud (making those sitting and standing close by eye you suspiciously as they slowly inch away). Apps more important than sex?!? You bet. When was the last time you got through the day without accessing one or two of your favorite apps?

There are apps for everything, including (oddly enough) apps for blogging. Cue the WordPress mobile app, which comes in two flavors; WordPress for iOS and WordPress for Android. These aren’t the only two choices in blogging apps, however. Far be it from modern technology to limit the busy folks in the new millennium their selections, and certainly not to only one blogging platform. Blogger and Tumblr each offer their own, and Writer provides content creators with a word processing type of interface, albeit one that is not as fully featured as, say, MS Word.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a quick look at the differences between operating systems, because not everyone uses the same kinds of phones either, right?

iOS v Android

Android vs iOS

Both Android and iOS are operating systems, much the same as those in your computer. If you happen to use a PC, you’re probably running Microsoft Windows (unless you’re among the hardcore set that prefers Linux or something equally obscure), and if you’re a Mac user, then some version of OS X.

Android is supported by the great minds of Google, while iOS is proprietary to Apple, developed for their very popular line of iPhones. Microsoft offers a version of Windows 10 for theirs and others phones, but at present runs a distant third in the race.

An entire book could be filled with information and data about Android and iOS, and just as in the desktop computing community (the old-schoolers as it were, myself included), each has its proponents and arguments as to which is better and why. Pick your favorite search engine to learn more. Yet another alternative.


And now, back to the apps

What can I tell you that you don’t already know about apps? The bulk of computing use today is mobile, having surpassed desktop digital processing over a year ago. Access to and use of our smartphones has become grist for the stand-up comedy mill anymore. The amount of tine people spend on their mobile devices has started to level off according to eMarketer, though in the US that currently amounts to about 12.5% of our day. That may not sound like much on the face of it, but when we consider that we typically spend two thirds of the day sleeping and working, and adding in time for meals, personal care, etc., that particular slice of the daily time pie becomes quite significant.

But for the blogger, this may not be all doom and gloom. Being able to read, research and write (the 3 R’s of content generation) from a mobile device can be a real benefit. The mobile revolution has set us free, and now even those of us who slave over a keyboard as either profession or avocation can also enjoy the freedom to be anywhere, anytime, and still meet the deadline on deliverables.

As a final word, if you happen to be reading this particular post on your laptop, pad device or smartphone, I’d like to ask you to take a moment before surfing off to review the latest hot YouTube video or dish another Facebook update, and kindly leave a comment letting me know your thoughts, whether good, bad or indifferent.

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2 Responses to The Right Choice (in Blogging Apps)

  1. adecourv says:

    WordPress Mobile – mayhaps that is the choice for an on-the-go guy like yours truly

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