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Viral Marketing Initiatives

Viral marketing – the holy grail of the strategic digital marketing approach. At its core a simple integrated promotional communication posted to a mainstream social media channel, yet in execution a seemingly Herculean effort that is often more apt to … Continue reading

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Mindful Marketing – Promoting to the Ways Brains Function, Part II

Last week we reviewed basic brain anatomy, or structure, and physiology, or function. Now it is time to take a look at how the dynamics of marketing are processed neurologically. We receive information from our surrounding environment to be processed … Continue reading

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Customer Segmentation and Audience Targeting With DISC

Customer segmentation and audience targeting are among the preliminary actions in the advancement of a marketing plan. A central perception of consumer behavior therefore is requisite and necessary for establishing a baseline of ideal candidates. Yet individuals are driven by … Continue reading

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Storytelling: A Narrative Approach to Marketing

Who doesn’t love a good story? They are the foundation of television shows and movies, of songs and art. In many ways they are the essence of our very lives. We communicate with each other through stories more often than … Continue reading

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Customer Service in Social Commerce

Social media marketing has evolved alongside a newly developing business model – social commerce. Social commerce (sCommerce) offers value to firms. Recent research has demonstrated a benefit developed for business operations from the mutual associations copied from the interactions with … Continue reading

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