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Mindful Marketing – Promoting to the Ways Brains Function, Part II

Last week we reviewed basic brain anatomy, or structure, and physiology, or function. Now it is time to take a look at how the dynamics of marketing are processed neurologically. We receive information from our surrounding environment to be processed … Continue reading

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Customer Service in Social Commerce

Social media marketing has evolved alongside a newly developing business model – social commerce. Social commerce (sCommerce) offers value to firms. Recent research has demonstrated a benefit developed for business operations from the mutual associations copied from the interactions with … Continue reading

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Buy Buttons: A Social Commerce Innovation

In the new millennium consumers continue to wait for two things: the killer app and flying cars. The killer app is an odds-on fave to arrive first. In the meantime the appearance of buy buttons have ushered in a new … Continue reading

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Ho-Ho, Uh Oh: A Case Study on Unethical Marketing

It’s the end of the year, and with the associated holidays, time for another look at the issues facing marketing professionals and academics in the social media industry. This week we examine social responsibility, and in particular a situation in … Continue reading

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Case Study: Coca Cola Integrated Marketing Communications

This case study examines the Coca Cola IMC approach as described in the Cola War blog. Factors considered will include an examination of which components are expended in regards to the integrated approach, the comparative importance of the components, component … Continue reading

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Online Considerations for Integrated Marketing Communications

      In the consideration of integrated marketing communications (IMC) there are myriad components, including the company’s mission and vision statements, traditional marketing philosophies, advertising, direct and digital marketing, sales and customer support, PR, trade shows, and the overall approach to corporate … Continue reading

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