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The Social Media Professionals Series – Blogging, with Shari Weiss

The Social Media Professionals Series is an informational and educational collection of reports on the sub-specialties of the Social Media vocation. Each weekly article is dedicated to a different aspect of the occupation, and features an associated thought-leader. Concentration – … Continue reading

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Interviewing @Grannelle’s Gregory – An Intrepid Journalist’s Challenge

Both time and space have been conquered by the Internet. -John Arquilla We here at Grannelle loathe and abhor self-promotion, but we never mind when someone else lauds our efforts (go figure). I therefore take great pleasure in presenting a … Continue reading

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Keep Doing What You Do (In Social Media)

The other night, I had a conversation with my beautiful wife, Annelle. I lamented that I didn’t seem to be taken very seriously by the professional online community, that much of what I had to say either went over people’s … Continue reading

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Stardom In The Online Community

You’ll only get pleasant surprises when you deal with Dandy Don. -Dandy Don Stardom. I know of no one currently working as a professional in the field that doesn’t want it on some level. Oh sure, some will act demure, … Continue reading

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So, Who Is This Grannelle Dude?

I think the time has come to answer this question, though it will be no easy task. I’ll start by saying that Grannelle isn’t a dude, but rather two of them. And a chick. Together, we have formed a group … Continue reading

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The Importance of Staying Connected With Our Social Media Contacts

I’ve recently had the pleasure of dialoging with Patricia Nixon, a Social Media strategist and proprietor of Nixon Virtual Strategies from the greater New York City area. We are both members of the Social Media Marketing group on LinkedIn. Patricia … Continue reading

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