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Mindful Marketing – Promoting to the Ways Brains Function, Part II

Last week we reviewed basic brain anatomy, or structure, and physiology, or function. Now it is time to take a look at how the dynamics of marketing are processed neurologically. We receive information from our surrounding environment to be processed … Continue reading

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Academic Case Study: Cause Marketing Metrics

Every Little Thing Is Really a Big Deal Cause-marketing differs from corporate philanthropy; the latter simply seeks to donate resources, typically in the form of capital reserves. Cause-marketing involves the inclusion of both the efforts of the firm as well … Continue reading

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Ho-Ho, Uh Oh: A Case Study on Unethical Marketing

It’s the end of the year, and with the associated holidays, time for another look at the issues facing marketing professionals and academics in the social media industry. This week we examine social responsibility, and in particular a situation in … Continue reading

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Marketing Communications Design for Varying Mediums

A firm grasp of varying communication methodologies and the mediums within which they are transmitted may offer appreciably considerable advantages toward the enhancement of efficiency and success of the IMC mix. The shift in the communications paradigm brought about by … Continue reading

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