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Viral Marketing Initiatives

Viral marketing – the holy grail of the strategic digital marketing approach. At its core a simple integrated promotional communication posted to a mainstream social media channel, yet in execution a seemingly Herculean effort that is often more apt to … Continue reading

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Digital Chameleons: Public Relations in Social Media

Hallowed tradition dictates the domains of public relations (PR) and marketing are clearly delineated, with a borderline that is sacrosanct and not to be contested. Yet in today’s digital business paradigm that demarcation is being ever-increasingly blurred. Both promotional and … Continue reading

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The Push versus Pull Paradigm

Push marketing? Pull marketing? We hear these terms a lot, but what are they really, and how do we determine which is the right tactic for a particular campaign? In this article we examine the two, and how each can … Continue reading

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Use Of The Social Campaign In Career Advancement

There is no off position on the genius switch. –David Letterman With many recruiters currently utilizing Social Media for talent pools, incorporating one’s social campaign (defined as the collective of an individual’s social graph (network), social stream (content), and SNS … Continue reading

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