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Grannelle is an eCommerce study initiative, the focus of which is to provide clarity and understanding of online marketing and social media. Since 2009, Grannelle has reviewed thousands of articles in business trade journals, which then have been gleaned and reported on in major social media channels, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. The Grannelle blog has published dozens of accounts of interest in these same subjects, some of which have been reprinted in peer reviewed periodicals, such as Social Media Today, eZine Articles, and The Customer Collective. Grannelle’s mission is to continue to provide the business community with the most academically viable and up-to-date intelligence of best practices in online enterprise, designed to increase perceptions for stakeholders which may lead to greater profitability and enhanced customer satisfaction.

But that’s the company line. What’s the real story?

Grannelle is a husband & wife team – Gregory & Annelle Stringer. Gregory is an eMarketing scholar, with a BS in Marketing Management and currently working on an MS in Social Media Marketing. Annelle is in the process of getting her BS in Accounting. The Grannelle blog is published by Gregory, and currently focuses on social media and related Web 2.0 issues. Be sure to follow @Grannelle on Twitter for additional news and views on all things digital marketing.

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Academic research papers

Please note: many of these articles (everything dated prior to 12/15/2010) were written over a two year period prior to moving to WordPress.

Social Media Guidelines for Students and Job Seekers
Compiled By: OnlineDegrees.org

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Einstein for Grannelle

What they are saying about Grannelle!

He was the class leader and obvious authority on social media–I would argue that he could teach a course on that topic.
Don Amos, Professor of eCommerce

I am positive that his communication skills, charm, and knowledge of the media will shoot him to the top as an advisor for social marketing and eCommerce.
Dr. Martha Merrill, Director of Web Technology for PSCC

While he clearly has a strong understanding of the Social Media field, he retains a humble curiousity for the subject matter that I find both respectable and refreshing.
Joe McCahill, Instructional Technology Designer

In addition to being knowledgeable (about Social Media) himself, he is able to teach clients how to understand the dynamics and make best use of them.
Marmelodian, Performance Artist

His passion and wisdom are a perfect blend to take in new information and carry it further into intelligent and creative new knowledge.
Shari Weiss, Social Media Authority and Professor of Journalism

Great comedy!
Dom Deluise, Star of Stage and Screen

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